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Where are we going on vacation? Home.

My husband asked, where do you want to go on vacation? Before I answered, I was going through my mental checklists of what types of amenities I prefer when we do our "relaxing" vacations. Some of those included, pool, hot tub, good food, lake, ocean, good company, etc. I looked out my window and thought, why am I leaving to do any of those things when I have them right here? Sounds pretentious, I know, and NO I do not have an ocean front or even lake home front for that matter but we certainly have access! It got me thinking, why on earth would I want to go anywhere when last year we transformed our backyard into our vacation.

Covid cancelled and prevented us from doing many things. So we invested in our yard and outdoor area so we didn't have to leave. Before we started any of the many projects, we came up with a list of our wants vs. needs. From there, we decided what could/should be done, while we are renovating because every project has a snowball effect. For example, restaining our deck led to painting the house, which led to new furniture etc. Some of those we bought new, some we refinished! Check out @refine_and_design.krissyhering for some of those DIY projects!

The BIGGEST problem with our lot was un-used land and space. We had tree stumps, ledges, rocky earth, you name it! But with a VISION and purpose, we managed to turn every aspect of our yard into our oasis, our entertainment, but especially our fun! Our land now has a hot tub, table to seat 10-12, lounge chairs, projector for outdoor movies, firepit, a yard to run around in, what more could you possibly need? Maybe a porch swing that may or may not be ordered already... shhh! My husband won't read this anyway.. hehe.

These ideas may not be your cup of tea. But you TOO can have the backyard of your dreams with a vision and purpose. Jot down your wants vs. needs then your what could be done and what should be done. What can be bought new, and what can be repurposed. What is your lifestyle like? Do you need to seat 10-12 people? Maybe yes, maybe no. But the possibilities are endless. Outdoor speaker system, new pavers, garden, greenhouse, shed, outdoor kitchen. Be inspired by your home and it's potential!

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