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Picking a GREY-t color

The Color Grey. Or is it Gray? Did you know the color gray comes in multiple variations of hues and subtle undertones? I am sure you did know this, but how many of you STILL find problems that you picked a cabinet, tile or paint color that doesn’t match your rug, or backsplash?

My clients have been there. For example. A client chose a beautiful bathroom vanity that was gray. But the gray had subtle hints of blue and purple. She wanted a gray tile as well. My brutally honest opinion on that was simply, no. We steered her in the direction of a natural wood looking planked tile and I gave her a list of my favorite light grays for the wall color that had cooler tones to compliment the vanity. Mission accomplished. The natural floors balanced the color gray, also making it the focal point of the room.

Another tip? Always pick your paint last. It is the easiest to manipulate- as opposed to my other clients who had their whole house painted before I arrived. It is a beautiful grey with hints of green and in certain lights, looks more green than gray. When we were choosing cabinets, unfortunately within their specific options, only a cooler gray cabinet was available. This took some planning but we surrounded the walls with a warm, creamy white color and a dark accent wall to separate the cool gray used in the kitchen to the warm green gray in the family room adjacent to the kitchen.

My honest thoughts: Think your grays through. Pick your paint last. Your designer thanks you.

But also... how GREY-T did this bathroom come out?

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