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Finding what you need in the most non-traditional Places

Sometimes we need to think outside the box to find exactly what we are looking for.

My Crazy Antics

As we were remodeling our bathroom, I was having a hard time finding a double vanity sink that not only fit my mood and style of the bathroom, but also within our price budget. I was finding ones I liked but it didn't have the right sink placement, or the right amount of drawers and I felt like I was going crazy looking at sink, after sink after sink. We looked into having custom ones created for us and while I FULLY support local craftsmen and their trade/craft- it wasn't an option for us with our BUDGET (look out for a future blog post on Budgets). I asked my contractor if he could make me a vanity... out of a TV console. Yes. A TV Console. How did that happen? Well, on a nightly trip to Bob's Furniture because, that's how my husband and I roll.. we do things at 7pm at night on a weekday.. (Police schedule problems) and we were looking for furniture to add to our new home. As I walked through the various maze that Bob's can tend to be, I stopped in front of a TV Console, looked at my husband and said- "That is our vanity!" With a weird look, and a shrug of his shoulder- he said, "Call Bruce (our contractor) and ask." I called my contractor and basically pitched my idea. Is it possible to add sinks, pipes, and make my dream vanity? The response was an overwhelming, "amazing idea, absolutely, and sounds fun!". Best part? $600 UNDER budget.

What did I learn?

Sometimes we can repurpose and find what we need in the most unexpected places. Look outside the box to create your vision.

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