• Krissy Hering

Decluttering- Saving your memories without crowding your closet

*This post MAY be a trigger warning for anyone who has lost a loved one.* But it can be applied in many more ways! Concert t-shirts, sorority/fraternity shirts, baby clothes, a loved one's clothes: where does it all go? I'll share something with you guys- I lost my first husband when I was 21 in a motorcycle accident. While emotional, yes. In so many aspects of my life. But I had to move across the country from California to New Jersey and there were just certain things I could not let go of, like his clothes. So I cut 8" by 8" squares of all my favorites of his shirts and I made a blanket to sleep with every night. I was able to hold on to a piece of him in a much purposeful way rather than letting his clothes sit in a bin.. for 8 years. When my son turned 2- you betchya I did the same thing. For Christmas, I had a blanket of all my favorites of his baby clothes along with his crib sheets, and a few blanket squares as well. Every now and then, I curl up with his blanket and reminisce more than he does with it! I plan to do the same with my daughter... which... could bring me to tears with how fast time is going! The bottom line is, it makes me feel better about purging the things that will just gather dust, or crowd a closet. I have also thought about the millions of blankets I will probably acquire at some point and another good thought is- take a picture of the item: put it in a scrap book and write down the memory you had with the shirt or item, so you can always go back and reminisce of all the great memories. Pictures take up way less space, and it is good to go through your closets from time to time. An item that meant something to you three years ago, may have less meaning now.

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